Replacement Stone Guards for your 993 made from 14mil thick 3M material.

Do you notice a color difference between the stone guard and the rest of your car?

You can freshen things up by replacing your rear stone guards. The clear guard material is tough but if it takes enough hits or spends 10+ years in the sun, it gets pretty ugly.

Some 993 colors (i.e. Polar Silver Metallic) came with “color matched” stone guards. These cars also look much better with new, clear guards (see before and after shots below).

If you shop around, be sure to note the thickness of the material used. There are suppliers out there selling these in a thinner, cheaper material. There is no substitute for 14 mil thickness when it comes to protection from rocks on the wide rear fenders of a 993!




Narrow Body

Item #: CGNB1
Wide Body & turbo

Item #: CGWB1


Shipping and packaging to the USA is $9. We ship these USPS Priority Mail, usually 2-3 days to the Continental USA

¨ Made with the exact same 3M material Porsche originally used
¨ The correct 14 mil thickness
¨ Much less $$ than sourcing from Porsche
¨ Test piece included for DIY practice
¨ Step by step DIY instructions provided, see link below
¨ Now available for ALL 993s including the Turbo S

Download Stone Guard DIY HERE.