The FDM 2WD conversion trans mount stabilizes the front of the transmission when converting your 993 turbo or 993 C4 to rear wheel drive.

993 turbo & C4 2WD Conversion Trans Mount
$350 (shipping quoted when ordered)

Item #: 2WDConv

¨ Bolts on in less than 1 hour
¨ Uses existing bolts/holes
¨ No drilling or welding
¨ Solves “popping out of gear” issue
¨ Improved Shifting Feel
¨ More stable when on power
¨ Available in a variety of colors
¨ Durable, powder-coated finish

We designed this transmission mount to work in conjunction with the existing turbo/C4 mount in order to provide lateral stability and correct the problems found when doing this conversion.

It is a simple, bolt on solution to a problem I had with my own 993 turbo 2WD conversion. It truly completed the car.

When AWD components are removed from a 993 turbo or C4, you are left with a mono-directional mount at the front of your transmission. This mount was not designed to handle engine torque on it’s own and introduces a variety of undesirable behaviors, such as your transaxle popping out of gear under hard acceleration or deceleration.

Note: You may notice a slight increase in transmission sound inside the car. It is not by any means loud or extreme and is normal.

We can also manufacture a solid mount for track applications if desired. This version will add a significant amount of noise to the cabin.


If you’d like a 2WD Conversion Kit for your AWD car, just ask. There are a couple of options available.

To download the installation document, click HERE.

Available in a variety of colors