Here are some package deals and examples of just a few of the name brands parts and products available. We can put together similar kits for any 911/964/993/996/997/Boxster/Cayman/Cayenne, just ask!

More information on what OE/OEM/OES parts are and why you can buy the exact same part from us that you buy from Porsche, for a lot less money. Check our FAQs.

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‘95-’98 Porsche 911/993 3.6l C2/C4/C2S/C4S

Major Service Kit

¨ dist cap (x2) – Bosch
¨ dist rotor (x2) – Bosch
¨ fuel filter—Mahle or Mann
¨ air filter—Mahle or Mann
¨ oil filters, short and tall – Mahle or Mann
¨ oil console drain o-ring & drain plug gaskets (x2)
¨ spark plugs (x12) – Bosch
¨ add pollen filters for $38 (Set of two)


Products from Hargett Precision

¨ Hargett Billet Valve Covers
¨ Pedal sets
¨ Shifters


Replacement 993 Headlight Lenses
$ depends on availability – contact us