The Fister Stage III modification is done completely internally. Virtually all of the stock piping inside the muffler is removed and rebuilt with 304 stainless to Stage III specifications. They are the lightest of the 993 modified mufflers, with the ceramic coated version weighing in at only 10 lbs (each). They have a very aggressive tone from idle to wide open throttle. Downshift or decelerate at higher RPMs, and they settle into an amazing burble. All this and NO RESONANCE!

Fister 993 Stage III Sport Muffler
$510 w/core exchange (shipping quoted when ordered)

Item #: 993StageIII

¨ No droning
¨ No resonance
¨ Lighter than stock
¨ Aggressive throughout the RPM range
¨ Also available in high temp ceramic coatings
¨ Available via exchange or we can modify yours
¨ Does not affect emissions in any way



Optional ceramic coating significantly reduces radiated heat.

Choice of four finishes:
$205 Additional (Cermachrome is $245 due to the tumble polishing)

Velvet Black, Titanium, Mag Silver and Cermachrome.


Click HERE for color samples.

Click HERE for Bischoff or Gillet.