The Fister 993 turbo modification is done using high quality 304 stainless. All done internally, the mufflers appear stock, but one turn of the key will tell you differently. The mufflers are lighter than stock, and have a nice aggressive tone. This modification can be done to some aftermarket mufflers as well.

Fister 993 Turbo Sport Muffler
$610 w/exchange (shipping quoted when ordered)

Item #: 993ttSportMuff

¨ great, aggressive sound… out of a 993 turbo!
¨ no droning
¨ no resonance
¨ lighter than stock
¨ available via exchange or we can modify yours
¨ all stainless steel fabrication
¨ does not affect emissions in any way



Optional ceramic coating significantly reduces radiated heat, an important factor with the mufflers and turbos in such close proximity.

Choice of four finishes:
$205 Additional (*Cermachrome is $245 due to the tumble polishing)

Velvet Black, Titanium, Mag Silver and *Cermachrome.


Click HERE for color samples.


993 turbo with stock cats

RUF Turbo R with sport cats and aftermarket mufflers modified to Fister 993tt specifications (BEFORE & AFTER)