The Fister 996/997 modification consists of adding a stainless external partial bypass pipe to the muffler. This gives the mufflers a nice idle tone and a more aggressive sound during hard acceleration. Nice and mellow while cruising.

Fister 996/997 Sport Muffler
$350 w/core exchange (shipping quoted when ordered)

Item #: 996SportMuff

¨ great sport sound
¨ no droning
¨ no resonance
¨ for “S” and non “S” models
¨ available via exchange or we can modify yours
¨ all stainless steel fabrication
¨ does not affect emissions in any way




Optional ceramic coating significantly reduces radiated heat.

Choice of four finishes:
$240*Additional (*Cermachrome is $295, due to the tumble polishing)

Velvet Black, Titanium, Mag Silver and Cermachrome


Click HERE for color samples


Fister 996/997 Sport Muffler Modification