Replacement Stone Guards, Headlight and Foglight Guards for your 997 made from genuine 3M material.


Can you see a color difference between the stone guard and the rest of your car? Are your stone guards beat up and marred? You can easily freshen things up by replacing your rear stone guards. The clear guard material is tough but if it takes enough hits or spends years in the sun, it gets pretty ugly.

Porsche uses 8 mil thick material on the 997 series. We offer the same 8 mil Stone Guard or an optional 14 mil Stone Guard for extra protection. Now Available: 2005-2008 997 Headlight/Foglight Set

Protect your expensive headlight and Foglight lenses.


997 Clear Protection Stone Guards, Headlight/Foglight Set

Stone Guards, 8 mil

Item #: CG997-8


Stone Guards, 14 mil

Item #: CG997-14


Head/Fog Set 14 mil

Item #: 997HFSet

Shipping and packaging to the USA is $8. We ship these USPS Priority Mail, usually 2-3 days to the Continental USA

  • made with high quality 3M material
  • available in the standard 8 mil thickness (same as OEM)
  • optional 14 mil thickness for extra protection
  • much less $$ than sourcing from Porsche
  • test piece included for DIY practice
  • step by step DIY instructions provided, see link to the left

Download Stone Guard DIY HERE