About Ceramic Coating

What is Ceramic Coating?

 Once reserved for high-end aerospace and military applications, high-tech coatings have percolated down into racing and mainstream consumer applications in recent years. Ceramic coating is a high-quality coating that is applied to engine & exhaust components after they have been sand-blasted clean and baked in an oven to remove impurities. See below for a list of the ceramic coating color options we offer!

Thermal Barrier

 Ceramic Coating is mainly used to reduce heat migration. Ceramic Coating the outside of an exhaust component will reduce ambient temperature of the exhaust parts, resulting in an overall temperature decline within the engine compartment. 

Corrosion & Chemical Protection

 Corrosion is not just a cosmetic blemish. It weakens and destroys parts from the outside in. Adding Ceramic Coating to your exhaust components will fight corrosion while enhancing the part's appearance. Highly recommended for those in wet and snowy climates!

Ceramic Coating - Color Options



Velvet Black

Bright Silver

Mag Silver